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30 Jan

Part I

The last five years have been pretty incredible. And while we like talking about all of the fun stuff, there have been plenty of nightmares. It’s part of the process, I guess – learning, growing, figuring things out. Frank and I have tried to suppress a lot of the traumatic episodes from our memory. Still, there are moments that we will never forget. We never mentioned them or made them public. But, at the time, they were big deals – almost, in many instances, an end to Frank. Still, we continued on. And now we can look back, shake our head and crack a smile. In honor of five years, we’ve decided to open the vault and reveal ten of the wildest moments in our food truck history in an original three part series.   PERA After months of researching food trucks on Craigslist, Frank finally found a truck he

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18 Jan

Celebrating 5 Years in 5 Hot Dogs

Five years ago (yesterday), we set out to make hot dogs better, healthier and a lot more interesting. And to do it in a way that brings people in our community together. On January 17, 2013, Paul and I set out to First Niagara Center for the very first food truck service. It was snowy and bitter cold. Not the most ideal weather conditions for hot dogs. But, we figured it would be a good way to test the waters. And I would get a chance to cook on the truck for the first time. As you can imagine, we were both nervous wrecks that morning. So much work, anticipation and money went into this day. And we still didn’t know what we were doing. Fortunately, the actual food [hot dogs, fries] was the least of our concern. It was everything else. Literally, everything else. As we started setting up for service,

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17 Jan


It is hard to believe that this week marks the 5th Anniversary of our company! In honor, we held a little reunion for everyone that has worked on #teamfrank over the years. True to form, we split into teams and battled in some intense games of Lasertron and Cybersport. This team is and has always been competitive – and they all like to win. Five years ago, Frank and I set out to make hot dogs better by doing all the hard stuff – sourcing the best meat possible, making our own hot dogs, finding community and partnerships with farmers & companies that could help us make that happen. And for the first couple years, it was just us. Few people saw the vision back then. But, a small group of individuals did. And this week we celebrated them and gave them an opportunity to preview the construction, check out design

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