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Frank says...
19 Mar

Thank You

Earlier this month, we celebrated our official Grand Opening inside the Expo Market! Paul & I just wanted to say thank you to all of our friends, family & amazing customers that came out to welcome us into our new space in downtown Buffalo! Special thanks to Sinatra & Company, Community Beer Works and the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute for all of your help in making the night a smashing success! That night, we were both reminded of all of the relationships we have formed over the past few years & the new and old support along the way. It was humbling and I promise you Paul & I are thankful, appreciative and take none of it for granted. Our team has been working hard this past month and with both food trucks set to hit the streets any day, it was a great opportunity to come together and celebrate

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1 Feb

Taking on Downtown

Exciting news, friends! In just a few short weeks, Buffalo’s hot dog scene gets a well-deserved upgrade with Frank opening inside the Expo Market, located at 617 Main Street. This move comes after months of actively looking for restaurant and real estate opportunities to grow beyond the food trucks. The test-kitchen will allow us to continue serving up all of your favorites, from the Holy Moly to the Violet Beauregarde, and gives our team the chance to introduce some new items that you won’t necessarily find at the trucks. It has been incredible to see the growth, development and resurgence in Downtown Buffalo these past few years, especially from our perspective on the streets. We look forward to working with Nick Sinatra, along with his team and all of the other vendors that have made Expo a success thus far – and they’re just getting started! We will be joining

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23 Jan

Disrupting Every Hot Dog Stereotype

Four years ago, Frank grew out of the understanding that “the hot dog is the ultimate tabula rasa upon which any gourmet creation can be built…” [Joe Leta, Buffalo News / Eats contributor] It should taste great and utilize quality ingredients in a fun, interesting and meaningful way. Out of that philosophy, smash hits like the Holy Moly, Hell’s Kitchen, Violet Beauregarde & Modern Chicago were born. To our new friends and customers, all of our meats come from animals raised on farms where they are appreciated and treated with respect. Free to roam and graze, the hogs from these farms produce quality meat that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. And because all of it comes from a collaboration of family farms in upstate New York, we are able to support small business agriculture while maintaining a consistent, quality product. By working with ingredients we believe in, it is

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