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Frank says...
6 Apr

Construction Update

It has been an exciting couple of months watching 707 Kenmore Avenue transform from an old auto shop to the makings of a brand-new restaurant. We appreciate all of you sharing in our excitement and keeping tabs on the progress of the building as we continue to move towards an opening date – we are getting closer every day! I promise. Although an incredible amount of work has been accomplished, there is still a lot to be done. It’s time to bring the space to life. During the demo stage of construction, we discovered a lot of unexpected elements and color within the building that suited our brand & story perfectly. We decided right away to keep a lot of that history and industrial character intact – including the garage doors, exposed brick work & a beautiful steel beam. As for the exterior of the building, we were thrilled to find

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8 Mar

Made for Flavor, Not for Shelf Life

To all of our new friends, please allow us a moment to reintroduce you to – Frank. The company was founded back in 2013. For the past three years, we’ve been making our own custom brand of signature hot dogs. In doing so, we’ve been able to support small business agriculture and deliver a consistent, quality hot dog to our customers. For starters, we believe that great hot dogs start with expertly raised, minimally processed meat. And because pork and beef are the foundation of what we do, we use the absolute best. All of our pork is sourced from The Piggery, a collaboration of family-farms in upstate New York. Free to roam and graze on pastures, the hogs from these farms produce quality meat that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Our original hot dogs are made with the following ingredients: pork, water, salt, celery powder, organic black

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4 Mar

Meet Frank

These days, it is pretty difficult to get Frank to sit down for a few minutes – for anything. Between building a restaurant, planning the food truck schedule and overseeing operations downtown at the Expo Market location, he is a busy man. Fortunately, he has a solid team behind him that helps get things done on the daily. This past week, we sat him down to reflect on the past couple years. What is your coffee order? Black coffee. A lot of black coffee. How did you end up in the hot dog business? After graduating from SUNY Geneseo, I spent some time in the Hamptons. It was far from glamorous, but it was fun. I worked a bunch of different jobs, just hustling really – running a restaurant, trying to sell real estate, working construction, driving rich people around. After a while, it was time to come back home to

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