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Frank says...
25 Jun

The Question & Answer Post

Over the past few years, we have fielded a lot of questions from individuals about our hot dogs, menu and nutritional information in general. It seems today, more than ever, more and more people are inspired, informed & focused on eating better. And we think that is great! This company prides itself on using simple, high-quality ingredients to make the best hot dogs and food we can imagine. Frank is the first, and only, hot dog company in the Buffalo area that offers an all-natural hot dog free of nitrates, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and artificial ingredients. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve fielded on the truck and at the restaurant. If you have a specific question, please share it in the comments section & we will happily respond! Is there really a Frank? Yes. What brand of hot dogs do you use? We typically offer three

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18 Jun

A Nod to Ben

Before Frank hit the streets in 2013, I spent a few months living in our nation’s capital. It was my first move out of Buffalo. And I loved it – everything from the food & culture to living in Dupont Circle, working near K Street and being completely surrounded by political life and drama. More about the food. Johnny Monis’ Little Serrow was a personal favorite. The banana split from Central Michel Richard rocked my world. The Cuban sandwich from Fast Gourmet (located in the back of a gas station on 14th) saved me from the worst hangover of my life. Sunday morning walks to Firehook Bakery for brownies made every weekend complete. And because you walk everywhere, you can eat everything! And I did. That said, nothing compared to my first half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl at the original U-Street location. A spicy sausage, half beef + half pork,

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22 May

The Start of a New Chapter

For the past five years, Paul and I have worked tirelessly to grow this business from a single food truck to a team with big ideas and goals. Our mission has always been to make the best hot dogs that we can imagine. In pursuit of that mission, we started making our own signature hot dogs, baking rolls daily & introducing modern condiments to the public. Since the beginning, we have been running the food truck division out of a small commercial kitchen in the former Blessed Sacrament School. Last year, we added a counter location inside Expo Market. This move came just before the offer to buy the building on Kenmore Avenue was accepted. Despite all of the growth and moving parts over the years, we have always felt like something was missing. And that ‘something’ was a place of our own. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity that we were

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